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Facebook’s Impending Demise

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Facebook has generated a lot of controversy this week with their new attack on your privacy.  If you have not heard or noticed, Facebook is now sharing your information with other Websites, even if you protect your page, your information can still be shared if one of your “Friends” has not updated their setting. 

See my recent visit to CNN: 

Daniel Iriarte

Daniel Iriarte shared Arizona governor signs immigration bill · last Friday
1569 people shared this.
Some Hispanic Americans hope law deters illegal immigration
971 people shared this.
It was a strange feeling to see that CNN has information about myself or my Friends.  I believe that this attempt to take over the Web by Facebook will eventually backfire.  While I understand that Facebook has over 400 Million users (more users than Citizens in the USA) and growing, this breach of privacy could be the beginning of the end for Facebook.
As a Facebook user, it had been great to re-connect with old friends and connect online with new friends.  Now that I have re-connected with everyone, viewed their pictures and read their recent status updates..where am I to go from here? 
I have recently “Hid” many Facebook “friends” status updates.  Some victims of my “Hide” feature include people who post excessive negative/depressing comments, people who post every detail of their day and “Friends” that I have not seen is decades.  Although still a frequent Facebook user (here I admit to a Scrabble addiction), I feel like I have started to reach the end of my Facebook days…
I am not sure what the next great social website will be, however I am sure it will come and will be an improvement on Facebook’s shortcomings as Facebook improved on MySpace and MySpace improved on Friendster and on and while Facebook is growing like crazy today, here I predict its demise tomorrow!
Are you nearing the end of your Facebook days or am I overreacting?  Look forward to your thoughts!

Written by joelshapiro

April 30, 2010 at 7:02 pm

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