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All I want for Christmas is … Feedback!!!

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As a recruiter, I often hear from frustrated job seekers about their job search. Searching for a job can be very stressful, especially during the holidays with the added pressures and expenses of gifts and travel.

The most common complaint that I hear is the lack of feedback from an unsuccessful resume submission or lack of feedback from an unsuccessful interview. Job seekers often tell me that they hate working with recruiters because “they never hear back”. As I write this, I have to admit to occasionally being guilty of this. One would correctly think that it is a common courtesy to hear back from any job that they apply to; however this is obviously not the case.

Here are a few reasons why you might not hear back from your recruiter:

1. They are lazy.
2. They really, really do not want to hurt your feelings with bad news.
3. They are working with so many applicants, that they either forget or deem it too much of a time zap to contact every applicant.
4. They are unorganized and forget to let you know.
5. They are commission based and are very conscious of their time.
5. They never heard back from the hiring manger, so simply do not have any news.

Here are a few suggestions to either get feedback or deal with the lack of feedback:

1. Tell your recruiter upfront that any feedback is appreciated, either good or bad.
2. Ask your recruiter when an appropriate time to follow up will be. You don’t want to be a pain in the butt, but you want to make sure that you follow up. Ask if you could follow up once a week.
3. Don’t take it personally! If a recruiter that did not follow up with you in the past, calls you again with a new opportunity, do not let pride stand in the way of getting a job. That call could be the job you were looking for.

I am sure that every job seeker has at one point or another not heard back from their recruiter. At the end of the day, the recruiter and the job seeker both have the same goal, to get you placed in a position.

Every recruiter will get back to you with good news of either an upcoming interview or job offer. There has to be a conscious effort from both the recruiter to be more diligent (a quick email to the applicant with an update) and the job seeker to hang in there when they don’t get feedback.

I welcome any feedback to this post 🙂 as well as any experiences that you would like to share!

About Joel Shapiro:

Joel Shapiro has been working with Fortune 500 companies over the past 7 years, providing top quality I.T. Talent. Having worked hand in hand with IT Directors and Human Resources Directors over that time, he has developed effective strategies to help you advance to the next level of your career. In addition to JMS Technical Solutions, Inc.  Joel Shapiro provides resume writing, critique and career coaching services.


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